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Christina JEKEY, sculptor and designer is best known in the world of visual arts.
She regularly exhibits her work in Belgium and abroad.  She discovered her passion for filming during her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts
in Brussels in 2005 where she shot her first short fiction film "The man in black" (12''min).

In July 2014, during a cinema course at IHECS school and during writing workshops by Patricia Hardy,
she rediscovered her enjoyment of film-making and discovered the pleasure of writing.

Christina decided it was high time to make a film about her world, the visual arts,
and began writing a screenplay.

In October 2014, to deepen her technical knowledge, she began studies at S.A.E.
Institute Brussels in the Digital Video Producer section.
As part of her studies she created a superb documentary of a Wallonia-based 

cabinetmaker/musician called "Playing together" (12 'min).

In 2015, for her final production at the SAE, she decided to make a film on one 

of her works of art. The video was first edited for the final jury at the SAE,
and was well-received by them. So, afterwards, she decided to complete the project 

by adding extra footage and post-production with professional studios before 

presenting it to various film festivals.